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The Daily Spam

If you’ve got a website and your email address is shown (and in some cases, even if it isn’t…), sooner or later you’ll end up getting spam in your email. I get quite a bit, although my email program is pretty good at filtering it out. Here’s the latest one – I’ve actually had this […]

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Free Robot Graphics for your Website

How about some nice ‘robotic’ characters for your website? freepsdfiles.net are giving away a set of 6 scalable vector robots that you can use in your web or print projects! Being fully vector-based means they can be scaled up to a billboard size if needed, and with no loss of quality, although if you want […]

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How Gmail ‘tabs’ affect email marketing opens

Our lovely friends at MailChimp have been doing lots of research into the effect of Gmail’s new ‘tabbed’ layout (where different types of email are automatically sorted into tabs according to content) and what effect that has had. The results can be seen by following the link at the bottom of this post, but essentially […]

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BaseKit rebrands as SiteJam

Website builder BaseKit rebrands as SiteJam

The popular website building website, BaseKit has announced a rebranding as SiteJam on January 7th. BaseKit is an online visual website builder that enables you to create visually stunning websites starting with a basic template and then adding your own features and content to create your unique site. We like BaseKit / SiteJam and if […]

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