Blogs & News Sites

A blog or news site is an extension of a standard information website, but has regularly updated news or a blog in addition to the regular stuff you expect on websites. This is a great way of both getting people coming back to your site (to see the latest news etc) and also make it more attractive to search engines (they love sites that are updated with relevant news on a regular basis).

If you have a lot to say, then a blog or news site is ideal. We make it easy for you to add fresh and relevant information whenever you like, using a web browser and an internet connection. You can even write a load of articles in advance and set the date and time you’d like them to appear on.

If you’d prefer us to manage your news/blog, we can do that too – we’ll badger you on a regular basis for fresh content!

Just like our standard websites, because of the underlying ‘theme’ technology we use, your blog/news website can be up and running quickly, will look consistent and professional. You can also link it into your social media feeds too.

We’ll design your website around any existing styles, colours and design you already use.

Blog/news websites start from around £200 for a site with home page, about us, contact, 3 pages of products or service information and a categorised news/blog section. You’ll need a domain name (from around £6 p.a. for a, which we can sort out for you) and you’ll also need web hosting (again, we can provide that, from £3 a month).

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