A playhouse that looks too good for just kids!

Skimming Pinterest recently, looking for inspiration and other ideas, I saw a very neat ‘tiny house’ in my feed, looking rather resplendent and modern in dark blue and white. Usually, I prefer the rustic look, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this, in the right setting, is rather nice.

Following the link from Pinterest, I was rather surprised to find that the shed-like structure was indeed a tiny house – a child’s playhouse in fact!

However, the colour scheme was very adult and very modern.

The building design and colour scheme is the work of a USA-based blogger and SAHM (“stay at home mom” – I assume…) at Vintage Revivals and is in fact, a play house for her kids!

The play house aspect becomes apparent when you see the photo below…

The actual construction is using pretty standard framing techniques that are extensively used to make shed and simple wooden buildings. This particular building, according to the website, was designed on the go, and could be considered as two pent roof buildings face to face.

I really, really like the look of this, and the colour schemes have been used to maximum advantage to create a very modern, very adult (somewhat Scandinavian) look to a childs playhouse.

To the builder, I say “well done”. To the builders children, I say “lucky you”!

Find out more at: https://vintagerevivals.com/naval/

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