I love sheds, huts, small buildings and everything that goes with them!

Whether they’re small and simple or big and grand, whether you call them a shed, a hut, a summerhouse, a cabin, a log cabin, or a garden office. Whether they have wheels and you call them a Caravan, a Tiny House or a Shepherd’s Hut, I think they’re great…

This website is a bit of a mish-mash of ideas and thoughts! It was setup initially to share my passion for small buildings, sheds, cabins etc, and everything to do with them. I’ll try to cover designing, building, buying, fitting out, decorating & styling, modifying, insulating, siting them, growing food, crafts, shed culture and much more.

I’m interested and have experience with small-scale solar (PV) to power a few lights, USB charging and the like.

I’ll also to explore ‘smaller-living’ related things like mimimalism (having and enjoying less ‘stuff’), simpler living and we might even get into the realms of poetry and songs too!

Hopefully everything will have a sustainability aspect to it, because I’m also passionate about keeping the climate on Mother Earth conducive to human and non-human life – something that we’re not doing very well with at the moment.

I’m based in the UK, so some of the items might be UK-centric.

Let me have your ideas!

Although I have plenty of ideas for the website, I will need your help! If you know of any interesting stuff that could be featured in here, please let me know!