About me

As I’ve got older (and wiser!), I’m simplifying my life, reducing my stuff and striving to become happier with less, reducing my dependency on technology etc (I love a real paper notebook).

In 2022, I moved from the edge of a large city in the UK, and now live on the side of a hill with my wife and dog. I’m blessed with peace, quiet, astonishing views, and dark skies. In this sense, I feel very rich.

I like to make things and potter around. I know quite a bit about simple, small scale solar (PV – Photo Voltaic) systems and compost toilets (a bit random I know)!

Back in 2012, I started my own business selling and making urine-diverting compost toilets (it’s a long story which I might write about sometime) so I’d like to share my thoughts, knowledge and experience with others, as well as my related small-scale off-grid stuff (like small scale solar PV).

I have a love of sheds and cabins, and might even feature my own cabin build at some point…

I’m concerned about the negative impact that our lifestyles have on the Earth and hope to be looking into ways of changing that. I’m inspired by the Deep Ecology movement, which is a term coined by the late Norwegian philosopher, Arne Næss – [Wikipedia ↗].

Living off-grid, partially or completely, and living simply, does not imply a life ‘without’. It’s about a change in perspective and an appreciation of the abundance and fulfilment you can get without having to buy loads of stuff. This will look different for everyone.

The website is likely to end up as a bit of a brain dump, so if there’s something you don’t agree with me about, that’s fine, you can move on! I registered this domain about 15 years ago and have used it on and off to record my thoughts on various topics. It’s been deleted a regurgitated several times! I used to sell my compost toilets via littlehouse.co and eco-loo.co.uk [Please note that I no longer make compost toilets!].

All views are my own and may not represent those of any company or organisation I work with in the past, present or future.