Black Dog Carpentry Tiny Homes & Wagons

Black Dog Carpentry are a small collective of woodworkers and makers based in Devon. They create wagons, furniture, sculpture and other joinery. It was the wagons that first caught my eye, and here we’ll talk about “Joe’s Wagon”.

Joe’s wagon was built on a standard trailer chassis. He used a lot of recycled materials, including cedar shakes, some of the windows and the wood burner.

Inside Joes off-grid wagon. Clever use of different colours and materials creates distinct living areas making the space feel bigger than it is.

Internally I love the ‘rustic’ character of the wagon. The clever use of different colours to demarcate the kitchen from the rest of the wagon is genius and the materials used look appropriate without appearing ‘twee’.

…the materials used look appropriate without appearing ‘twee’.

Externally, the veranda is a great feature as it means once you step outside you are not completely open to the elements and can store boots etc. The design and mixture of materials, together with the roof ‘bump’ give the place a very organic feel.

Roof lights flood the interior with natural light. Reclaimed cedar shakes accommodate the ‘bump’ for more height over the bed (which has storage beneath) and will weather naturally and contrast against the steel galvanised roof section.

The organic nature of the building will not suit everyone – if you love clean lines and shiny cupboards, then this isn’t for you! But for me, it ticks all the boxes (apart from lack of compost toilet) and looks very cosy, inviting and appears bigger than it probably is – a real TARDIS!

The compromise on the size versus living space is that there isn’t a toilet or bathroom area within the building – it might be that this was a conscious decision by the designer/maker as it would take away from the precious floor space and they probably had alternative arrangements. But if the trailer was a few feet longer, then I’d definitely look at adding at least a compost toilet!

Images are © Black Dog Carpentry and we have obtained permission to reproduce them here. You can find out more on their website.

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