Black Dog Carpentry - Joes Cabin

Black Dog Carpentry – Joe’s Cabin

I think I first came across the cabins and work of Black Dog Carpentry in 2012 or so. I was captivated by the unusual and often organic quirky style of the cabins. Black Dog Carpentry are a small collective of woodworkers and makers based in Devon, UK. They try to use homegrown timber and recycled materials to bring a unique character and spirit to their work.

Find out more about them at their website:

In this article, I’m featuring Joe’s wagon – built on a standard trailer chassis. He used a lot of recycled materials, including cedar shakes, some of the windows and the wood burner. Before selling it he lived in it with his dog, Dympsy.

For me, the design is so appealing – slightly whimsical and utterly beautiful. The marriage of different shapes and materials on the roof just works, and the use of colour and design breaks up the inside into zones for cooking, living and sleeping.

Whilst no details are given or shown for the power system, something like this would likely run on a small solar system. The main electricity requirements are probably lighting and USB charging, which would keep the electrical side simple and low cost.

I’ll feature more from Black Dog Carpentry in the future!

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