Shit Sandwich: Closing the food cycle

I know it’s a bit of an attention grabbing title, but bare with me.

For many people, a compost toilet (perhaps dry or waterless toilet is a better word) is a more convenient way of dealing with bodily outputs. Perhaps because where you want to put a toilet, there isn’t an adjacent sewage connection, or that the costs are too high to install one, or maybe you’re on a boat, or campervan, and it’s just simpler.

For me, composting toilets are part of a bigger picture. This includes redefining what many consider a ‘waste’ product (your poo and pee) as a resource, safely processing (composting) it, and then utilising the embodies nutrients to grow food in way that dramatically reduces the need for manufactured phosphates and nitrates.

This video is in Dutch, but with English subtitles and explains the issues (including our attitudes to pee and poo) and the possibilities that arise when you stop referring to pee and poo as a waste and think of it as a resource.

In the image (header and below), you see a food van with toilet. Customers who use the toilet get a discount on the food. The food has been grow using the compost, so customers are helping the whole process!

More information (in Dutch) at

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