Three tiny holiday homes, three unique compost toilets…

This article was originally written in 2017 and posted on my business website at the time. I stopped making compost toilets in 2019, however, we love Tiny Holiday Homes so much, that we kept this here, as their story is fantastic!

Early in 2017, my business at that time (The Little House Company/Eco-Loo) was contacted by an existing customer about a new project they were about to start. They were building three ‘tiny homes’ as holiday rentals and as they would be off-grid, they were looking for three unique compost toilets to go in them!

These tiny homes are so much more than glamping and offer a year-round comfortable and relaxing holiday in the beautiful countryside of the Isle of Wight.

Tiny Homes Holidays - Eildh

I painted each of the compost toilets in different Farrow & Ball colours to give an individual style and feeling to each one. The toilets were based around a urine-diverter so that the wee (which is sterile as it leaves the body and doesn’t come into contact with faeces) would run into a small soak-away pit outside the building, and solids were temporarily held inside the toilet until they needed emptying onto a compost pile, where nature would then take twelve months to turn poo into lovely, sweet-smelling, earth-nourishing compost!

I absolutely love the quality, design and attention to detail that’s gone into the tiny dwellings – each one is very different but all three shout quality and flair throughout.

Eco-Loo Cottage in Stiffkey Blue (above)
The three tiny homes holidays properties on the Isle of Wight (above).
Inside ‘Eilidh’ (pronounced ‘Ay-lee’)

After being in service for several years, we’re delighted to say that the only problem they’ve had has been one of the fans stopped working, but that was sorted quickly.

Since writing this article, Tiny Homes Holidays have expanded and now have even more Tiny Homes that you can stay in. They also run a variety of unique courses on site so you can gain new skills and stay in a Tiny Home!

For further details, check out the Tiny Homes Holidays website:

Here’s an overview of the site:

I no longer make compost toilets. You can get urine separators to make your own compost toilet, take a look at the Separett Privy which you can purchase online from WooWoo Waterless Toilets in the UK.

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